In Your Face Again

Welcome to the redlight specail at your local K-Mart,

Funny, serious, and just zany poems the best part,

And if you are lucky and you live in "REDNECK" country,

Then just a good ol' country person you'd be.

We might have Elvis hanging in velvet on our walls,

And maybe we all speak with lil' ol' southern drawls,

But none of the cars in my driveway are junk,

And I have to say my man is just a sweet little hunk.

And our knowledge of lauguage is to the extreme,

When I close my eyes, Jeff Foxworthy is of what I dream,

I am proud of each and everything my fingers type,

Because of you PostPoems now has all this hype.

And since I am not Hindu, I don't need a mantra,

But for you, I guess you can say I would be contra,

I am not as stupid as you think I am sorry 'bout that,

But hey for reading my poems, to you I tip my hat.

I would like to say for the illiteratre circle here,

Being like you and your kind is what we really fear,

I had much rather be alive and with much feeling,

For the laughter you say you get,hey,that is good for healing.

And you say that you have found mutations of your species,

Well it is sure better than finding nothing but feces,

So here's to you thanks for being my inspiration,

When you read my poems, I feel your admiration.

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