Well here i sit looking through my email.

And today i seem to have so many things,

I have friends that send me things with our fail.

I really like all that my email brings.

I always seem to have so many messages,

There are things of news and offers for free,

Sometimes people leave me some cool passages,

Just so many things here for me to see.

From all over the world i have many friends.

And they send me stuff of all kinds.

Some of what i forward on and some it just depends,

For some are sent by friends with twisted minds.

I am really glad that i have this way to communicate.

For with out it i think that i might be lost.

The best thing is, it's like opening a gate.

To talk with friends and travel at no cost.

So you see we all have the world at our finger tips.

You don't ever have to leave the safety of your home.

In my email i even get short flim clips.

I get in this little mail box and i just roam.

I tell you i just love the box that is marked "IN".

Words of humor, love and encouragement are what i find.

So see here is a place that i can only win.

So i log on, start reading and slowly i unwind.

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