I know a lady that shops night and day.

She shops for cloths and shoes,

shops for anything you could say,

I have even known her to shop for screws.

She shops 'til she drops I tell you.

Shops from catalogs, television and the like.

Shops sometimes from what she calls deja vu.

Spent days shopping for her son a really nice bike.

I just don't know what she would do,

if for some reason she could not shop.

She loves food bought from the local drive through,

on her way to look for the lastest type of flipflop.

She shops in everyway that you can imagine.

Had to shop for her daughters dress for the prom.

She makes me have a headache I think I need an asprin.

I tell you this lady is the Queen of Ebay.com.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the title is Tim's ... the words of mine.... just something that came to me when I saw the title..... hope you like it....

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