I have missed at day or so,

now I feel so overwhelmed,

there are so many things to read,

and so many others to critique.

I am glad tomorrow is a short day,

maybe then I can get caught up.

So for those of you that have new ones,

PLEASE don't give up on me.

I loved the TOP TEN list,

just as I always do,

so there is just some extra reading,

reading that I look forward to.

I spend so much time here it seems,

I let part of my life slip by,

thinking of taking a break sometime,

got to catch up on just me.

I know most of you know,

just what this is like,

work and writting is all most of us know,

I love it but I need to love myself some.

I will be in and out,

don't plan to take all that long,

just have to get some things straight,

before my life ends up in the crapper.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just alittle thing I wrote so that when I miss a day or so you will not worry about me.... but glad that to know that you miss me when I am not here....

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