Oh, what a time, walking along the boardwalk,

the Crusiers playing in the back ground.

What a nice scene that would be,hand in hand,

walking the walk of lovers,intense to the watcher.

Looking deep into each others souls,

her hips sway, slowly but purposefully,

just to make sure she has his full and undivided attention,

she will brush up against his arm, causing him to tense.

Slowly they walk, falling under the spell of the boardwalk,

hearts take chances when guards are off duty.

The night is one that they will remember,

a night that will hold up through all time.

Love is in the air, is it the real thing?

Could it be just some fantasy you have dreamed of?

He is just the type they warned her about,

he is a rough, roll -n- roll rebel,

tight leather, ohhhh so sexy,

what would her father think if he could only see?

Take a walk on the boardwalk, fall under the spell,

live life like there is no tomorrow, dare to be different.

Sway to the music, swim in the eyes of your boardwalk angel,

look deep into the curtain of night....... can you feel it?

Do you hear it?????????

Do you want it?????????

Can you handle it???????

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is what can happen when I sit listening to some of the best music ever.... the soundtrack to Eddie and the Crusiers.... hope you like it....

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