Beauty Queen Winner

They have been together for years,

She has dealt with all the pain and tears,

He beats her for no apparent reason,

Especially during the hunting season.

He blackened her eyes really bad today,

She wants him to leave just go away,

Tomorrow he will bust her lip,

He has already broken her hip.

He tells her she is no longer pretty,

Oh how she believes him, what a pity,

She was a beauty queen winner once,

Now her bruises come by the bunch.

He is just your every day drunk,

Comes home in some sort of funk.

Takes her by the hair of the head,

Kicks her, stomps her and leaves her for dead.

She has learned how to play the game,

Lay there and take it, what a shame,

She thought that he would eventually get better,

Then he got that damn company layoff letter.

All day long he sits and drinks,

Deeper into his depression he sinks

She is the only thing he can control,

He learned this manly macho role.

She is too scared to hide and too scared to run,

IF she does that, she knows she's done,

For he would find her and what then,

His evil hounding her till no end.

So she stays in this hell that she lives,

Her sacrificed offerings she gives,

She bleeds it seems like everyday,

She cringes when he hollers "Hey".

For she knows that next comes the fist,

And then he will read from his list,

The things that he's told her to do,

he tells her, "see YOU make me beat you!"

She remembers the days of her youth,

No longer sure what is meant by truth.

She make the decision to take her own life,

Hoping that he's better to his next wife.

He comes home and there she is,

The prints on the gun it seems are his,

So in death she is finally even,

To bad she had nothing real to learn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for all the women that have lived with or are still living with domestic violence.... my paryers and love are with you
and thank you mel for your suggestions and thoughts on this one... means alot of me.... I also want to thank Michelle for her thoughts and insights into this special poem.... I hope that you like the changes now....

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