A Day In The Life

I woke up late, and hit the light,

wouldn't you know it the blub blew,

went to find another and got in a fight,

with what seems to be the killer shoe.

Hit the floor and whacked my damn elbow,

laughed from the pain that shot up my arm,

where did I put the bulbs I just don't know,

oh well, bath in the dark what is the harm.

Got in the shower and there was no water,

tripped getting out so there was another,

took a drink of my coffee, WOW, could that be hotter,

when I let out my scream I woke up my brother.

He was not happy so he gets all pissed,

then I try and finish getting ready for work,

had to start all over there were things that I missed,

and on my brothers face I see his smirk.

I get all angry and get out to my car,

the silly assed battery now seems to be dead,

I guess I could walk but man that is just too far,

have to change my jeans from the cut that bled.

I just don't think I can take anymore,

finally get to work only to find it's my day off,

start back home and there is water on my car floor,

now my head hurts and I am starting to cough.

Finally safely home again, and the phone rings,

I find out that they need me to come back in,

too many out sick is what my boss sings,

it seems it not my day and I just can't win.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this really did happen to me a few years ago... and it was suggested by a wonderful person for me to try humor... well this is a stab at it...

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