Unique For Honor Samurai Collection

 When you are a collector or a person who is fascinated by the Japanese history and the warriors who lived at that time,  or a person hooked on to the video games related to the samurai warriors, you would fall in love with the  For Honor Samurai Statue collection that is available for sale at the reputed online shopping site for accessing authentic, attractive and high-quality Japanese items. the figurines are statues that are indeed one of the various items you can access there. 


About the  Honor Samurai statue collection


The For Honor Samurai Statue is ¼ scale figurine.  It is the statue of Kensei who is also considered to be the master of swordsmanship.  The swordsman carries a Nodachi sword that is long and dealy.  The armor and the costume that the statue features are very detailed. It has been developed based on the leading character in For Honor which is a multiplayer video game that is developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. 


The Features


The materials that are used for making the figurine ispolystone.  A special type of polystone is used for certain parts of the figurine as per the requirement. The Kensei figurine is about 60 cm in height inclusive of the sword it features, about 34.5 cm in width and the base measures about 19 cms. The figurine weighs about 4.3 kgs.  The polystone that is used for making the figurine is almost like porcelain. But, polystone is made out of powdered stone additives as well as polyurethane resin that is mixed together.  The proportion of the materials can be varied to get a material that has better elasticity. 


The armor of the perfectly reproduced For Honor Samurai Statue figurine resembles the ancient Japanese armor.  In order to produce the texture of the actual battle surcoat, and to show traces of battles, damages that has to be applied, you have the artisans painting these damages and scratches on the figurine using specialized painting techniques. 


Accessing the figurines


You can access the For Honor Samurai Statue figurines that can enhance your home décor at the reputed site that is known to sell  Japanese goods that are authentic at reasonable prices.



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