May 24, 2019 (r.i.p Shane)

I drove back to your home
The place you shared with me years ago
The scenery and sweet smells of the mountains still remain
It was bitter sweet to see the beautiful peaks in the distance
Every adventure you told me about replayed in my mind
Stories that made your face glow and made you laugh


The years we would visit
We'd sit on the porch in the mornings
You would play your guitar and I'd sip my coffee
When the song was over we'd listen to the sounds of woods around us


I remember the day we drove deep into the woods
The place where the sun plays hide and seek through the trees
We stood at the gate and you told me that's where you wanted to be when this life was over
I promised you I would get you there when the time came


I never thought that day would come so soon
Numbed out to it all I sat through your service
It was surreal to stand inside, beyond the gate
Looking at the ground where you would lay


For the first time those mountains felt foreign to me
Every road overwhelmed me except the one that led me back to you
So, I went to your grave one last time
Whispered into the breeze my I love you
And let the wave of loneliness wash over me

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