Nights are the loneliest

You aren't here anymore, sometimes I can't grasp it
Drives alone are nothing more but a time to scream and cry
That's when every radio station seems to know your favorite songs


The house is quiet without you
And the silence engulfs every corner
Yet nights are still the loneliest


Sometimes I stumble
Feeling my way through these thoughts
I just want to curl up and disappear


They say you can die from a broken heart
Some days I sit and wait for it to happen
While these foreign feelings suffocate me


I can't remember what it felt like to hug you
Sometimes I fear forgetting your face
The sound of your voice


Our daughter talks about you in the present tense
Like you'll be coming home anytime
As though you're only a phone call away


Some days I lose myself in emotions
Forgive me for all the anger I hold on to
I know you wouldn't want me to feel like this

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