Knights Honour


Here are my words ready and written

no mistakes to befall the smitten.

My code of honour and the lore for my life

I will not be beholden to strife.

My faith is my shield

I know I am right

my words are my bond, I cling to them tight.

Betrayal and disloyalty

are anathema to me,

how common place they are is abhorrent to see

how people can be liquid

and flow from one to the other,

I am steadfast

only seeking another.

Perhaps it is I

who is incongruous here,

I am just a man

not a great God or a seer.

Our paths merged when you picked me

I will not stand idle

in proving my mettle

now that you and I, have become we.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

May the compass always stay true to guide me.


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