Stay Strong

Even when your body is betraying you

Even when no one checks to see if your okay

Even when your let down painful

Even when you’ve lost the urgency to cry

Even when your patience has left

Even when you feel used, abusived, and hopeless

Even when your friends and family can’t relate

Even when your screaming out for help and everyone just smiles and continue to rumble through their own trash

Even when your facing sickness face to face pleading to be taking home early

Even when what once gave you hope disappeared

Even when your in panick with your day to day life

Even when you prepared early just to leave late

Even when the voices of negativity keep harassing you

Even when your desperately seeking the wrong attention

Even when your restless

Even when you encourage others and no one lifts you up 

Even when people only see your gift and not your humanity

Even when people are purposefully rude and cynical

Even when you just don’t feel like it

Even when you feel like the only one

Even when no one says their proud of you

Even when test come to glorify god during the testimonies 

We stay strong in order to reap the harvest

June 2020


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