My Forever Love

Love Poems

I finally found my forever love, so why am I afraid

because although I am sure you are the one, all loves before have strayed

There is no chance to start anew if this love does not happen

There would be too much lacking

If I lose you, life would be over right then and there

You are my best friend and my love, losing y ou would never be fair

I promise to love you now and forever and I know how hard that can truely be

I will stand by your side for a lifetime, just you wait and see

Love is the hardest lesson that I ever had to learn

It took me forever to stick my hand in the fire without coming out with a burn

but once I let go of fearing the risk  

I found myself with you in bliss

You are my love forever, but I am still so scared

Maybe it is because I am still not a hundred percent preprared

but by your side I will forever stand

and we will walk a lifetime together hand in hand

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