Not Even In My Dreams

Love Poems

Don't leave me here all alone

Love, don't let me die

I have searched all my life

For a reason to give life another try

and if you were to go

My reason would too

I need you, body and soul

Without your love the pain would never undo

Before you, I had almost given up

I thought I had lost

I was tired and enough was enough

but another chance to me was tossed

and I am definately blessed to know you

That chance was divinly supreme

I never knew a love so pure and true

Not even in my dreams

but there are so many things I fear

Like waking up one day without you here

I just want to make you proud

Stand atop the highest building and scream our love outloud

but eventually dreasm are stopped by reality

and the truth is that I need you

So love, don't leave me here to die

Help me to keep giving life a dtry

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Jan 19-08

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