Almost Doesnt Count

Love Poems

I saw you crying..

couldnt stop from lying

you were close to dying

i wanted you to love me..

i wanted to be there..

but love is never fair

I almost had you..

but that doesnt count

You were singing that lonely song

she let you go,

you would be happy if you would have chose me..

but you chose almost

and that never counts

I am done with loving you

because you will never love me

you can try all you want

but you are still in love with her

she broke your heart...

like you were a piece of art

why did you ever start?

I would have given you the best

but you treated me like all the rest

in this broken heart fest

Songs sung in broken chords with broken words

as they are strummed on golden strings

oh love is many splendored things

Broken hearts and broken trusts

No, almost never counts...

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