Anything For You

Love Poems



~You bring me out of my element

you started the fire, so surreal,

a new chemical engaging romance

the hallucigens exploding in time,

both of us reacting in a rhyme,

another embrace,

in orbit in outerspace,

we are frozen, standing still,

brought together against our will,

Is this real or is this just make believe

Your purple hair and clear-blue eyes,

they hide the real you,

your disguise

they cover up all of  your lies

you always bring me out of my element,

and you brought to me a new chemical engaging romance


~* I met someone today,

and to my strongest dismay,

he loved me,

Two shattered and distant worlds

brought together by the same interests,

they greatly impacted each others lives,

he changed my life,

I'd forgotten how to smile,

till he said those words to me,

Can't hide the fact that I'm disaster,

sometimes i don't know where to begin

you don't want to go to the places i have been

i want someone who has the baggage to go with mine

i know he loves me,

and we'll both be fine

its all just a matter of time


I can see it in your eyes,

the endless pain,

you never want to look over your shoulder,

or look back into your past,

wishing that someone would love you,

but everyone chose to walk away,

Abandon you, leaving you astray,

you drown out your memories with all you tears,

hidden beneath the ashes

that embrace your fears

but look inside your heart,

you'll find someone who loves you,

completely; for who you are,

listen to that with all of your heart,

if you look inside,

you'll find the missing part,

the beat of your heart,

the one that stays,

the one that loves you,

no matter the distance...


I'll always remember that horrid nite

the pain was all i could feel

seemed there was only once choice; death

life was falling apart a bit more every day

the abuse too much to take

felt like, why go on,

i was a huge mistake

i wasnt supposed to be alive

so i thought i'd take my own life,

misery consumed me,

i had the knife sitting by my side,

and the pills in my hand

that shook with an unknown insanity

the next thing i know,

you told me you loved me

i just couldnt understand

one question raced through my mind


the only right answer was,

you were one of a kind

i gave up my vices

and starting walkingn down the straight path

thanks to your love and devotion

churning through my mixed emotions


would you be here tomorrow for me

if i was fading away

you say that you love me,

but would you get scared

or would you hold me tight and forever stay

if my weary eyes couldnt stay open

would you sing me to sleep

would you steal my heart

and hold it as yours to keep

would you hold it in your hands

so gentle and deep

would you comfort my tears if i started to weep

if it was raining would you cuddle with me by the fire

would you be my prince charming

my white knight upon his firey steed

would you?


you know that i love you and will for always

but if tomorrow never comes

will you know how much

will you know you were my only,

my forever, for always, my truest

there with me through the bluest,

lonliest of times

will the love that i shared through the days before

be enough for you to make it through


i love you more than anyone else

more than life itself,

you are my dream come true,

i would do anything for you


Mysterious eyes filled with rage

a tired and weary heart

stuck in a cage

left on the shelf ot be shown to the world

but nover out for anyone to care

dusty from the years

and all the unturned pages

if not ended to with care,

it could shatter from the ages

being kept hidden

ashes of dust fall to the floor

and tears fall like rain

the weary heart lets itself out of its shell,

its cage,

its doomed hell


For many years

i woke up in a room all alone

my living hell,

my endless nitemare

never being able to forget

that horrible thing called regret

they say, 'you are young,

love is on the way'

is that true?

how do you know when its coming to you?

another day without someone there

to have and to hold

all the nites so dark and lonely

it is not good to hold on to heartbreak

but i can't seem to let go

maybe it is true that love is on the way,


but i still don't believe

because in my heart

i am not deserving

is love on the way?

is it true?

is it coming soon?

will my impending doom

ever end?

will love find me again?


i would do anything for you

walk to the ends of the sea

prove to you that you are deserving

help to show you that i am different

that i would always stay

never will i walk away

i'll prove you wrong,

my feelings are just too strong

every step i take is for you

everything i do is for you

i would build a bridge

from you to me

and together forever

is how we would always be

i would always defend you

love you,

and stand by your side

i'll always be a safe place for you to hide

i would swim every ocean

and walk to the ends of the earth

just for you

to prove to you my love

and devotion

i love you so,

now i hope you know

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