Hoping For Rain

Love Poems

Through the shadows of the night

will our dreams take flight?

will they fly on the wings of the angels?

or dance on the walk of shame?

Is pain the only answer to life,

are we all cursed?

a big act that needs rehearsed?

theres only two kinds of happiness i know,

when it rains so i can hide my endless tears

or when i am with you and you keep me safe from all of my fears

i know my reason for being and it must be true,

for i wouldnt be living if it weren't for you

blinded by the beauty i find in your eyes

i am hoping, that just maybe, this time i would find no lies....

hurt by love so many times before

almost gave up this time and said, 'no more'

but you showed me love and changed my mind

never did i know i was the deserving kind

I am far from perfect as you can tell.....

But i am glad to be living, rather than being in hell

I try to put on a happy smile and not let myself dwell in the pain......

i look out the window hoping to see it rain....

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