For The Rest Of Our Lives

Love Poems

Sitting on the porch swing

looking into each others eyes

hand in hand

our hearts so full they could burst

just one kiss will quench the thirst

we take a blanket and go lie in the backyard

under the moonlit midnite sky

and i steal a kiss when you look at me

we turn on the radio and find a good song

and dance till the break of dawn

then we sit back on the blanket

and i fall asleep in your arms

and i know that i am safe from harm

i look up at you and you press your lips next to mine

and then i whisper...."I love you.."

and it just feels so right

you give me a gentle kiss

and whisper..."I love you too.."

and then you hold me tight

vowing to never let me go

and to wake up side by side

for the rest of our lives

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