Surreal Feeling

Love Poems

This feeling I feel is so unreal,

you stole my hearts,

its so surreal,

you stole the keys to my soul,

you hold my life in your hands,

its yours to do with it what you wish,

just be gentle, i don't know how much more breaking i can take,

if you want to kill me,

just let me go,

then i won't be here anymore,

my heart is fragile,

hold it still,

love me honestly, or don't love me at all,

it wasn't my choice to fall,

but yet I did, I love you, with all I have,

be kind my love, For i Always will,

I'll take care of you, for all the days ahead,

you are the one i love,

the song stuck inside my head,

you are my muse, the inspiration,

you are my hero, my everything,

I hope that one day i can be your everything too

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