Is Love Enough

Love Poems

Is my love enough for you to make it through,

are the words I say enough to make your sadistic thoughts subdue?

If I were in trouble, would you be there to help me get through?

If I told you that you were the only thing I lived for,

would you stay?

If tomorrow never came,

and tonite was our last moment together, what would you say?

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders,

and you feel lilke you can't go on,

just place your burdens onto me,

I'll be your constant companion,

The one who is there through all the ups and downs,

Through all the good and bad,

I'll give you all that I have,

and if possible much more,

because the truth is,

you are all that I am living for,

you give me a reason worth living,

a reason to keep fighting

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