Let Me

Love Poems

Let me be your one true love,

the shoulder you come to cry on,

put all your burdens on me,

lay your troubles at my feet,

Let me help you,

save you from the dark,

Let me be the spark,

the one that lights your candle,

the one that lights your way,

Let me the one that forever will stay,

Let me show you true love and devotion,

as long as you do the same and show some emotion,

For you, I'd swim every ocean,

Let me be your support when you are too weak to stand,

Let me be the one to always hold your hand,

Let me be your voice when you can't speak,

I'll let you be silent and I'll kiss you on the cheek,

Let me be your eyes when you cannot see,

Let me be the one you'll love eternally.

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