Love Can Conquer All

Love Poems

you had her

the day we met

She treated you wrong

I can't forget

I wanted to save you

I wanted to take away your pain

I wanted to win your heart

Then one day

She let you go

I remember so cleary

The pain you had to go through

I wanted you to see that I cared

SO, I was there for you

When my life was falling apart

and I was dangling off the edge

Of life and death

You were there

You saved me from myself

You took away my pain

Somewhere along the way

You fell in love

The distance become the devil

It tore us both apart

we still loved each other

You were still in my  heart

The breakup was nothing more

than a remedy for the distance

and now it has no point

I know together we can make it

Together, Love can conquer all

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