Boy Loved Girl

Love Poems

He was a boy

the one all the girls loved

the one that rocks on his guitar

She was a girl

the one everyone hates

the girl that no guy ever dates

But to this boy,

this girl meant the world

His friends all joke about her

While she secretely cries alone everynight

because she loved the boy

Who knew two completely different universes could collide

She never planned to tell the boy how she felt inside,

Knowing he would only break her heart

One day the boy purposely runs into the girl,

just for a chance to tell her she rocks his world

She ran away, tears in her eyes,

thinking all along it was all a horrible joke

That night the girl ran away,

never to return,

she had to get away,

she hated the jokes, the laughter,

and thinking that the boy was lying,

it pushed her over the edge

The boy was brokenhearted when he found out the news

He hated how this happened

He was so confused

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