A Stinging Feeling

Love Poems

The feeling that stings

Oh the thrills that it brings

It burns deep down

To the inner of my core

Where I have been frozen for so long

But your strong and willing arms

Holding me tight

woke me up from the dead

I saw a white light and an angel

Telling me that it wasnt my time

I wasnt next in line

That angel told me to go

and to Love that boy

The one that brought me so much joy

Just let him and and to never push him away

He was the one, the one that would stay

I always thought that he was right

He was the one

So that is why I cried everynight

Because everynight that we were apart

I was away from my whole world

My shining star, my angel

The feeling that stings,

It is growing dim

I feel so loved,

All because of him

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