Homeward Bound

Love Poems

Fifty miles to the nearest town

Rains pouring down for miles ahead

almost out of gas and the hoods smokin'

i packed all my stuff and put it in the back

breaking down isnt gonna get me anywhere

I am wishing i was with my baby now

I ran away cuz i couldnt take it in that hell

I was stuck in a rut with no way out

So here i am driving about...

Icy roads and everythigns a haze

Surely I won't get to him for dayz...

At the nearest town i stopped for gas

and called you to tell you I was on my way

You told me to stay ,

You'd soon be there.

you were heading out the door...

I drove the first 50 miles safe and sound

Now my love,

we are homeward bound..  

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