Need You To Show It:

Love Poems

When I said I loved you, I always meant it

Unlike you- the one playing games with my mind

Bringing me so much frustration by always bringing me down

No wonder why there is no peace that I can find

Words have meaning but so do actions

So when you love me, but don't show it

that hurts me so badly

Especially with my heart so fragile

You somewhow become my whole life

I only live for you and for our future

if there were no you in the world if mine

I am not sure I would still be alive

So I need to know that  you are serious

You can say you will never leave

but promises can always come undone

I need someothing that can make me believe

When I say I love you I mean it

I promise that I will show it

I need you around forever

To feel your love and to know it

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