My Black Is Beautiful

Im so tired of hearing....
Ayo ma
I usually don't get his compliment
but you,
you so pretty for
For what a dark skinned girl? or maybe I'm pretty for a fat girl
either way you could say that save me and yourself the lie you were gonna tell to cover up the insult you just bestowed upon me
it was that meant to be a compliment compli-sult
you weren't the 1st and you certainly won't be the last
to put my beauty in a Box and divide it by your state of class
I learned early on that if you weren't 2 shades lighter than coffee with extra cream
or thin enough to wear painted on skinny jeans
if your hair wasn't straight or curly enough to put in the neatest ponytail then girl you're in despair
because you
you aint good enough
you'll never be able to get a decent man
compliments from friends and family can only go so far
And so far I'm coming up empty in the self esteem department
yet I still believe every woman is beautiful
that's right I said it EVERY woman now before you try to rectify what I just identified
please give me a chance to clarify while while beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I wish I could be more bolder and say that it's only skin deep
and ugly
is a characteristic that melts down to your soul
understand this
your level in standards of beauty do not determine my level of confidence  my skin as black as obsidian and onyx
I'm a mere reflection of my savior Sun drenched 
The Blacker the Berry the sweeter
I got the juice
my complexion was made by my African roots
not just the ones the mirror the slaves
but the direct descendants of my ancestors queendom
my eyes are Pearls of pain
because i just can't seem to clean up this stain 
called ugly, dirty, less than
if only I could imagine
And if I can just manage to turn back the hands of time to where my mama was being mistreated as a black woman
she would find solitude in the arms of a white man
so I could have light skin and
good hair
what is good hair
Or maybe she'll seek refuge in los manos de un hombre Latino
then maybe I'll be categorized as pretty
Im not as exotic as a Latina
Not as light as Christina
Pero no ves eso
Solo ves el color de mi piel
No Las cosas en mi mente
Mi negra
Es hermosa
I said my black is beautiful
so no I will not fix a my hair
how can you fix what isn't broken
and no I will not eat kale I mean what is kale anyway
much like Drake I like my girls BBW with every B you can even imagine big bold black bodacious and beautiful women
every shade every size every hair length
whether you rock a natural locs or a weave
never let anyone make you believe that you are not worthy
and if anyone has a problem with that they need not subscribe to my dark skin vibes
black is the new black
I'm black like I never left
I got pride in the skin I'm in
your beautiful
your black is beautiful
our black
is beautiful 
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