I couldn't give you my heart
so I surrendered my body to you
I offered up the pleasure of praise to your name
because all we ever had in common were these sheets
now I know Juanita Bynum preached "no more sheets"
but not this week
bitter sweet
they served as I sanctuary where daily hours enveloped by the warmth of the lies that they told us
they told us that every time we make contact with one another that it was fate
and greatly I was surely smitten with this feeling of Passion and love that proved to be unreal
so real it felt
then I just couldn't get enough
I couldn't get enough of your lies while I lying your bed
and rest my head on your false sense of security
while your blanket was securing me with a fake love
I needed more of your fake affection more of this sweet attention
more of the stroke of your hand
again and again
I'm triggered back to that moment where you with the pen pressed against the pages of my body
and all night long you've written love songs on me till the early morn
you had me high & acting FOREIGN while you had your CAKE and eat it too
had my name written in hieroglyphics on the dungeon of your headboard I'm quite sure I took the walk of shame too many times trying to be in your Hall of fame
I just couldn't stop TOUCHIN, LOVIN
I know I know I know some things I CAN'T GET BACK while hangin with MR STEAL YOUR GIRL most of all I hate that you made it REAL HARD TO WALK AWAY when all we do is make LOVE FACES while the NEIGHBORS continued a KNOW YOUR NAME because you were taking me to JUPITER..... LOVE
in the process of running your game and playing atari with my heart
you had me convinced that I was different
Being in your presence other than calling your name
but since we spent time together and I was less dismissed
I guess that makes me your Mrs. Whatever we were to each other in the moment was supposed to be in
much deeper than the sin will participated in
and the bond we shared
was tighter than my grip on reality
I laid down my morals push plans to the side just
so I could be your concubine
or in next in line....
to be cheated on
the places we would consummate would later tell the tale of many forever's that never existed
And even if you're YES, NO,  MAYBE turns its back on me I only want WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU at the end of the day
I wish I could CHANGE YOUR MIND but I can't make you see the jewel in me
for now just A memory
when you found put down those nickels you'll see
you missed the opportunity
to have a diamond that's a gold & rare
As me 
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