Encourage Yourself

I walk into a room

I see….. people

More than 2

I don’t want to feel nervous

But I do…

I want to go

I force myself to stay

I get nervous

I don’t know what to say

I feel like the weird one

The one who’s not good enough

I know my brain is wrong

But my anxiety tells me I don’t belong

I stay and deal

I try to act normal

It’s hard you know

When all you wanna do is go

Then…. The introductions came

Now only two stood in the room

Eerily they made their way closer and seemed so familiar


Hello, my name is, well you’ll see just who I am in a moment

I am here to turn your entire world upside down

I make you anxious, you get so excited about things when it comes

Those thoughts of overwhelming ideas, that’s me

I start so innocently as one single cell  

Then I multiple myself like a flow chart of never ending chaos

Swarming like an angry hoard of bumble bees in the corners of your mind

You can’t
get rid of me

Hi, I’m depression

And unlike like my counterpart who deals with obsession

I, give you a break.

I’m not overactive and turning to drive you crazy

No, I take the wheel, slam on the breaks and bring about keeping you lazy

You’ll want to lie down and sleep away the pain

You don’t have to put up a fight with me

I’ll knock you out like Nyquil mixed with Benadryl and topped off with a Percocet

Who has time to be overly excited when you're just too tired

And together, we’re one confusing ride to the confounds of nowhere specific

The possibility is endless

We’re a sea saw, tug of war of emotions

I’m when you care about nothing, she’s when you care too much about everything

Don’t you remember us?

Well buckle up cause you’re in for long, agonizing and completely meaningless ride

No! I thought I got rid of you

I’m. So. Tired. I’m exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel

The pain

It was excruciatingly devastative and I couldn’t make it stop

So I drank, And drank, And drank some more to make it go away

But then pain learned how to swim and it came back again


I felt alone and in the sunken place

I was drowning in an empty pool and no lifeguard was in sight to save me

I’ve been told that anxiety is a prison you create within your mind

And I’m soul’s tired of being solitarily confined

It used to be real easy to go on

Waking up every day, get started on my way

Be strong, be bold, show no signs of weakness

When deep down inside you feel nothing more than defeat

My weeping has endured for too many nights, when will the morning come

Before you even step foot out the door to face your outer-mies

You’re forced to look into the mirror at your inner me


My reflection, she spoke

‘Cause if I’m being real honest she was all I really needed

Anxiety is only a prison of the mind

And it’s up to you how long you’ll be trapped inside

She gave me the remedy

The remedy to free me from me

It came from Isaiah 26:3

Whose mind is stayed on thee, only then will I be in perfect peace

The pieces of my mind that trigger these inner mes

Deuteronomy 31:6 gave me the courage to encourage….myself

Because even in the abyss that are my thoughts, He’s always with me

Never leaving me or forsaking me

And finally Philippians 4:8 began to resonate

Compelling me to fix my thoughts on things that are true and noble, right and pure, lovely & admirable, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy

I no longer needed anyone else to step in

I had finally learned how to encourage myself

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

Because only YOU can make free yourself from the enemy within

Encourage you, yourself


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