N. A. J. M. U. R. P. H.


N. A. J. M. U. R. P. H.

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Newburgh’s Angel Just Marched Up & Reunited Peacefully Home


By Golden Diamond


Everyone keep asking how I feel, And the best I can say is… Broken

With all the many talks, conversations. I’m still not settled with all the words we left unspoken


Newburgh’s finest. That’s how you were displayed. Whenever your name rang, greatness surely came

Now that you’re gone, things won’t ever be quite the same

And I think if you were here today you’d say,

“Just keep going, I never let any situation get the best of me. Keep looking for the blessing in every single lesson until it

Manifests your destiny.”

Unmatched, unpredictable and most of all unique. You’d always play and replay and repeat each and every lyric until you felt it was complete

Reunited with purpose and real flow. It alarms clocks, makes your head knock and encourages those who slept on you not to wake up slow. Once again we’re struck by your greatness

Painting monumentals while we mind your mental, help us move precisely with consistency.    

Holding tight to every moment, picture or word you’ve ever said to me,


forever burned into our thoughts and memory.

Your life will be our legacy

I know there’ll be cloudy days ahead

Leaving me feeling distraught and I’ll wanna give up

Only that wouldn’t be what you’d want me to do because

Vision, requires consistency

“Excellence is not a coincidence. It’s the difference between on time and being early…”

You were truly a wordsmith with wordplay like no other.

Overly appreciative, and now

United with the Father


No whys will ever bring you back or force your fate to change or know why you had to go

But I have peace the closer to God you became.

And I know if I keep my faith in Him, one day we’ll meet again


Reunited with your birthplace took us on a “Musical High”

You were the “Heir Murph” throne withdrawn before your time and we’ll never know why

You showed us “How To Hustle” “Like Whoa” while encouraging those who had a past to never “Look Back It”

Always kept your fam & your “Homies Close”

When you brought New York to Student Union, There was no doubt you were “So Newburgh”

The challenges of your covers uncovered that you just had a way to bring out a new song

You always had a way of “Act[ing] Up” “Just A Lil Bit” when you hit that “Old Town Road” from ATL

Now you’re resting peacefully in the place you need to be “J-Walking” WITH the Son

Every rap battle you vs Os, Lemmie see a better Win

Although you favorite color was green, my thoughts will be serene even though you left this “Girl Blue”

But I know I’ll be fine, all in God’s time because you left when your time was due


Rest, Sleep & Rap In Paradise, King because your spirit is instilled within

My angel 2 to the trinity power  

We Love you, Najee

‘Til we’re Reunited again

©13 January 2020 -GoldenDiamond

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