Today we remember WarrenPoint


Today we remember WarrenPoint.


What people who are of the uninitiated do not understand is.

Being part of the "Airborne Brotherhood" means that you are never alone.

Your backs always covered.

No matter where you may ever be on the planet. You will always meet another Brother. 

Brothers will come from all points of the compass for a gathering.

We will always raise a glass.

You will never question the ability of any man who is a brother . Brothers will always stand shoulder to shoulder no matter what. 

You know you are formidable, whether with other brothers, or on your own.

A brother would give his life that you may live.

Brothers are warriors and will always be.

"Airborne", it's mightier than any religion. It's a creed.


"Everyman an Emperor ".

R.I.P. My Brothers 

Never Forgotten 






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