Let Me Go


Let Me Go


What have you done? 

The curse of......

Rotting smelling flesh.

While bones laid bare,

In the desert sun.

I've no bullets left ,

The bombs were all done.....

Long time ago.

Where have my comrades gone?

I'm here all alone .

Waiting ......for stand to ,

The first rays of the dawn appear

As I've danced ,

with the long shadows 

of the night .

I cry for absolution!

I crave redemption.

Just for the fact..... that Death,

Well ....I laughed .....for once,

He got it wrong.

When the sky turned black,

On that day....... when ,

he filled his quota.

While the earth erupted .....

Time stood still.

I was not on his manifest


This time.

Giajl © Jim Love 






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