Hey Tarzan, be Careful....

Hey Tarzan, be Careful....



I did my training.....on Panti Ridge.
Where Geordie,was my teacher.
While waiting at Pualada.
... We'd cross cobra valley,
To watch the flicks.
"Electra Glide Blue".

Our drills were,
After the Huey's and Wessex left.
West to the road.....
Or East to the river......
While North lay mountains.....Burma !
And the coast was to the south.

Survival was a bitch......
And in the ullu,
You could "wait awhile".
If you were "bushed"!
With only a "Jabberwocky",
And "Gungy 3", for company.

It was a jungle out there!
Giajl © Jim Love

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