To End All Wars.....?

To End All Wars .....?
Tightly in my arms I'd held him,
No chance to staunch the flow.
The face was changing colour.
Ruddy pink a sickly puce ,then indigo.
He tried to speak........
Now its a chalky , bluish white.
A single tear it fell.
While I 'd tried not to weep.
But looking down, I saw ......
That Half his head was gone!
They're on they're way,
Hang on in there, I heard me say.
But his eyes had lost focus ,
slowly dimmed ,and the spark .........
Just went out.

He'd bled where he fell .

His warriors'  journey over.
While mine had just begun,
And every time I  close my eyes
My journey starts its run.
I relive that bloody moment,
In that dusty Afghan sun.
Where I  lost my best mate.
A greater friend and true
Shot down dead........
                by a Dirty motley crew.
Giajl © Jim Love 
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