Take me Before The Call Of

March 2021

Take Me Before the Call of


The beat of drums, a Bugle's call.

All for men at war.

That wets, the eye.

While lesser, mortal men....

Cried for beauty of life.

Sad, love songs, from my youth.


Finally, brought forth a tear.

For in the past, I was young.

My heart.... beat strong.

It knew, no fear.

Love, was for Friday nights.

And....... drunken weekends !

Nor tomorrow's.


Never, for life.

While looking ever for passion.

Fun, sex, romance .....on the lash?

But never, a wife.

Soldiers come and soldiers go.

Some even, fade away.

But a brothers memory, endures.

I often think of those I've lost.

But steadily I know.

When I drink, that last time.

In the great hall, of Valhalla !

Those, lost loves of mine.

Will be there, too !

All standing in a row.

And love, will last longer, than.

A Friday night, or weekend.

It will last.




Giajl © Jim Love

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