The Pat Metheny concert got a little bizarre and through no fault of Pat’s whatsoever.  I thought front row seats would be a good thing.  You up close and personal and getting a great view of the performance.


The playing at the show was great but there was this one guy sitting next to me that was enjoying the show a Hell of a lot more than I was,  He spent the whole show like, “Oh yeah,  OOH! OOH! Lay it on me baby!”


I was half expecting him to have an orgasm.  I was sitting there wondering if I should have treated this like a Gallagher show and brought some plastic to protect myself.  I mean it was a great show.  Metheny is an amazing guitarist but this guy was taking it to another level.


He was “ oohing”  and “aahing” throughout the entire performance.  I don’t know how I would have reacted if he had asked me for a cigarette after the show was over.  I think there’s a high probability that he did have one in his car afterwards.  As for me, I walked out feeling cheated that I didn’t quite get as much out of the show as this guy did.


And that was my answer later on when people asked me if I enjoyed the show.  I was like, “ Yeah, but not as much as the guy sitting next to me.”


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