The one time at Westside Brewing Company was a strange one.  I was hanging with a friend and getting ready to go to a Radiators show at the Beacon Theatre.  We were just stopping in to toss down a couple brews.  We’re just sitting there drinking beer and end up engrossed in a conversation with two couples from New Jersey.


They are also going to the show.  Neither of the women have ever seen the Radiators before.  I assure them if they like N’awlins music, they will enjoy the Rads.  Their boyfriends keep ordering rounds of kamikazes.  Both of the young ladies keep giving their kamikazes to me and my friend.  I should know better by now but I rarely decline free booze.


So I’m getting toasted because other guys’ girlfriends keep feeding me free drinks.  I’m thinking, “This is strange but if I ain’t getting laid, I may as well get drunk.” 


And, of course, I did get drunk.  They say the Lord moves in mysterious ways.  Well, I’m still trying to figure this one out.  Were the girls trying to get the guys drunk or were they simply outfoxing guys that were trying to get them drunk?  It all remains way over my head.  As showtime neared, my friend and I politely bid adieus and stumbled over to the show.  It was an interesting evening to say the least



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