One of the best things about the Village Voice was also the back page with the occasional personal ads.  You would get some real good ones.  “You in a blue shirt.  Me reading a pamphlet on Art museums.  You smiled at me.”   They met on the Subway or at such and such a club.  They were always reaching out to some random strangers.  This was truly two ships passing in the night.


But it can be sad sometimes.  Last week I was seeing one of these ads but the person was using what was really familiar poetry to impress the girl.  I recognized them quickly as the lyrics to Neil Young’s song “Down by the River.”


Now I’m thinking to myself, “Maybe it will work.  Neil tends to have fewer fans among women.  Maybe—just maybe—she never heard the song.”  But it is kind of sad to think that someone would do such a thing in this day and age.


I’ve always been taught that honesty is the best policy but that apparently isn’t the case anymore.  It is a cruel indictment but we are sinking to such a tragic level.  I mean, he could have at least cited Neil in the ad.  I could respect it more if he had been honest about it.


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