Just sitting at an outside table at Dirty Frank’s drinking a beer with a friend.  There’s a couple lovely young women sitting at the next table over.  They have their own conversation going on.  One of them knocks over her drink and tries to clean up the mess by brushing the ice and fluid off the table.  I look over and suggest that we may have to flag her.  Her friend laughs and suggests that we get her another drink.  We come to the conclusion that another drink might give her a chance to do it right next time. 

They continue with their conversation and I return to my own conversation.  A little later as they are finishing up their drinks and getting ready to leave, the young lady knocks over a second drink.  My eyes immediately dart over the scene of the crime.  I’m just smirking and refraining from making any comment.  Her friend notes that I immediately looked over at the transgression.  The young lady makes a joke about being a klutz even when she’s sober. We joke a little about spilling drinks and inebriation.  It can be likened to pouring the proverbial 40 on the curb we conclude.

Of course, they just leave and I still have a full beer in front of me.  But I think about it:  That’s what I really miss and what the pandemic has stripped us of.  These little moments of human interaction.  It was just a few casual jokes and a few laughs.  I never got their names and likely will never see them again.  This was just friendly chatter.  It’s just human beings making a momentary connection and enjoying a laugh.  And it sure felt good to be sitting out in public and having that simple connection with other people.  Hopefully, better times are ahead.

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