I’m already thinking of ways to move along.  So I have to re-adjust my emotional center once again.;  I have to reacquaint myself with a lot of unpleasant realities.  Philosophically speaking, it’s all very existential.  This is what is so I have to just deal with it.


No, this isn’t how I figured the outcome and hope still springs eternal that destiny can be retrieved.  I need one of those Star Trek time loops so I can go back in time and try to alter this reality.  I’ll willingly fuck with the time line to get a better result.  We don’t have the technology to do it yet so I have to replay each instance in my mind.  I have to admit that I dropped the ball on a few occasions.  No wonder the coach made the final cut.  Fumblers say “Oops!” and expect it to be laughed off.  If only we knew there would be consequences.  If only we knew.



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