Coming across brownie points at work for liking the Dead.  I guess it is odd to have a CEO who’s into the Dead.  And it is lucky for me to be in such a situation.


I even got free tickets for a Bob Weir concert that was sold out in advance.  I offered to pay for the tickets but was told that it was an early Christmas present.  I was more than happy to take the tickets off his hands.  I’m thinking that I scored points for not taking it for granted that the tickets would be free and offering to pay for them.


But, of course, with my luck, he’ll probably think I was being anti-Semitic by offering to pay.  Maybe he’s thinking the worst of me, “Oh, he thought I was too cheap to just give him the tickets for free—that’s why he expected to pay.”


Well, I guess that is far fetched but my luck does tend to run South of positive.  It is amusing to consider anyway.  I know I garnered a chuckle out of it.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

true story.  I had a job with a Deadhead CEO.  We talked about shows a lot.  I remember feeling awkward running into him at a show--thinking "should I be letting my CEO see me all fucked up like this?" Also kind of cool because I had better seats.

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