There’s a really cool brewpub in Arlington, VA—goes by the name of Bardo Rodeo.  It used to was an Oldsmobile dealership but now it’s been transmutated into a post-apocalyptic, surreal, futuristic bar brewing their own beers.


The warehouse piping is bare naked and there are graffiti adorned walls and stickers tagged all over the bathroom stalls.  They use plastic chairs and for some reason there is a car lodged in one of the walls.


They also make pretty good beers.  The Happy Hour features 2 dollar pints of Scotch ale, barley wine.  They usually have about 14 or 15 of their own brews on tap.  These guys mean business which is an unfortunate rarity in these parts.


The place even boasts a little bit of amusing, local history—as a chap named William Kennedy Smith once got arrested there.  I’m sure he’s not the only one.


I never got that far.  I can’t bring myself to pawing at waitresses who obviously have no interest in me—I feel bad enough they have to serve me drinks.  I suppose I do realize that it would garner much needed publicity and enough controversy to generate book sales.  I guess I just don’t need it that badly after all.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The original Bardo Rodeo was on Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Arlington.  It closed down and now they have a new brewpub on Potomac Ave in Washington D.C.

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lol... you should be a

lol... you should be a marketing executive! ! ! ... ... ...

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thanks for the praise but I

thanks for the praise but I can barely market myself let alone any external product