Yeah, they’ll try

             to delude me

          with thoughts of grandeur


and I am unworthy

of all these awards

     the accolades

          are undeserved


my bows are meaningless


            and that is

                  all to say

       the laundry is done

           and dinner is cooked


and a beer

         is consumed

      readily in the early

                   morning sun


greed sets in again


hustle is not enough

to carry us anymore

             It’s too late

           to do any better



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Some of your accolades are deserved.  As long as the presenter isn't trying to talk you into something.


I don't think the bank is a good judge of character, based pn their behavior, so maybe a low bank balance is a sign of morality and good judgment nowadays.  Maybe keep the awards and accolades and leave the portfolios and asset streams for weaker souls.

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It's a few thoughts on those

It's a few thoughts on those trying to con me--including the cons I try to pull on myself.  thanks for reading and commenting

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It would seem that gone are

It would seem that gone are the days of an honest day's work. It was almost impossible to get ahead that way and now it's getting impossible to simply get by.

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Hard work is a good thing as

Hard work is a good thing as long as it's taken in moderation