I was reading

a dirty, erotic poem—


well actually,

it was an environmental poem

but it became dirty

thru other people’s interpretation


“Dance in the Bush”

was the title

I moved through the crowd

towards a lovely young lady


She hugged me

and began to grind against me;

it was as close

to sex as you can get

with your zipper still up


I felt resistance was futile

so I made no attempt

to pull away from her


One hand still holding

the page with the poem

I was still reading

in breathier tones


and one hand

gliding along her back

up and down

waiting for the inevitable

knee to the groin


but the knee to the balls

never came

so I continued the poem

as she continued grinding


No resistance

till the end of the poem

and I walked back to the podium

as it slowly dawned on me

that I was probably get laid tonight




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