It’s always interesting

to work with amazing people

with mind boggling abilities


I really love the ones

that are capable

of magic and doing

the impossible


see, I always grew up

believing that

there were certain laws

of physics

that couldn’t be violated


then you get a job

and go to work

and somebody does something

that’s impossible

but it must be true

cause they wouldn’t lie


there’s always the person

that insists they put something

in some impossible place

or performed a task

that couldn’t happen


This happens in warehouses

and factories where

many co-workers have

dull enough existences

to need these fantasy achievements


they can dematerialize

and pass through matter

or place 1, 000 pounds

on top of 20 pound boxes


they move faster

than the speed of sound

leap tall buildings

in a single bound

possess X-ray vision

and Einstein’s genius


and amazingly enough

often have managers

stupid enough to believe them


It’s the way of the 90’s

This is the way it goes

You kiss a little ass

and transform into Superman

or Wonderwoman


Well, what more can I say?

I just can’t understand it

It’s boggles my mind:

One simple question:


Why a person capable

of effortlessly violating

these laws of physics

would be working here

in a dump like this




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