a lot of my married friends

are always

getting in trouble

and having to do hard time

in the doghouse


there’s always

one transgression or other

and off they go

sentenced to two weeks

fighting Fido

for the water dish


a lot of times

I’m involved in the crime

for which they are punished

and I’m the one

who deserves the doghouse


but, of course,

I can’t be punished

by someone else’s wife

so my friends do penance

on my behalf


but I think one problem

that I present

is that I might enjoy

being in the doghouse


I like camping

and the great outdoors

and roughing it in the yard

might be a little adventure


I’d be happy

To do time with Bingo

I’d get in trouble

on purpose

just to get in

some QT with Sparky


the dog doesn’t give me

a hard time

about smoking weed

or drinking too much

or playing music too loud


and the dog always

has great stories to tell

He has far better luck

with the bitches than I do


9-26-96  (one for E)


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