I once opined

that cricket was

the only thing

keeping baseball from

being the gayest sport in the world.


But now I’m sitting here

watching Canadian football

in a new empty bar in Vancouver.


I stand corrected


& I’m big enough

to admit I was wrong.


Canadian football is

even gayer than cricket.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hopefully people will recognize that I'm making fun of youngsters who started using the word 'gay' to denote lameness rather than sexual orientation.  Of course, the word originally meant happy and lighthearted.  Slang changes with the times.  I try to keep up but I'm not a young whippersnapper anymore.

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Changing meaming of words.

A fag is also the British term for a cigarette. Do not dare use the term now.  --  Stephen

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I was really thinking a bit

I was really thinking a bit of Jason Alexander.  He always supported gay rights throughout his career but got in trouble for making a comment along the lines of cricket being gayer than baseball.  I am aware of some British slang but I haven't smoked a fag in several decades.