You can really only

tell the truth as you know it

and that can sometimes

be surprisingly limited


I have to fake

being acceptable

to gain admission


and don’t want them

to know about Saturday night’s concert

where many an indiscretion

has been known to occur


which can be intense

the mass density of weight

presents intriguing situations


it’s a pretty deep song

and it may out

some deranged chat on Nietzsche

to help ignite the fever

that once rambled so extreme


but back to Nietzsche

on many a cold Spring night

too early on to have a plan

and yet still naively hopeful

for things to work out


I caught on early

that existential reality

we all try to deny

in spite of publicized arrival


and thinking up new words

to describe the confusion

probably won’t help the matter


the hidden charms are buried

underneath a ton of motif

that doesn’t seem to embiggun

a single person

in spite the advance hype:

nothing ever seems to prevail


so I poke a pin in a Voodoo doll

bearing my own likeness

and hope to achieve

spiritual acupuncture

to cure this ailing soul


but it never works

as well as the ganja

though I be remiss to say

save the catcalls

of the angry mob


and I might get misty eyed

if I keep drifting back

in the years

to certain glory days gone


the far off glint

that fantasize and dreamed

and somehow managed

to stay alive

in the face of towering threat


but not to sing and dance

would be a crime

in some societies

but we kill most of them off


that does seem

to be our forte in the world

these days

and it is a crying shame




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