When you’re flying

on mushrooms

is really not

such a good time

to get a phone call

from the local police


It kinda casts

a dour tone

on the evening’s festivities

flying along with Scooby Doo

and suddenly

police sirens are ringing



I stayed coherent enough

to determine they dialed

the wrong number

and inform them of such


‘Shrooms and cops

don’t really blend too well

It’s not like those

Old DeadHead days

when I was much bolder

than I am today


Now I need peace

and quiet and serenity

in order to get my thrill

and remain reasonably

in tact with some semblance

of sanity and reality


a happy trip is a good trip

and the fuzz sure do

put a damper on fun

That’s one thing

that I knew back when

and still know it now




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