Wrestling matches seem so barbaric

              to many

yet I find great humor in it

it almost sems like existential comedy

      for Ric Flair

to continually find a way

to cheaply retain his belt


a fat man like Dusty Rhodes or seeming

     epileptidc like Jimmy Valiant

providing comic relief


then they build up a cage for a match

        and the crowd

gasps as though life and death

     from the choreographed dance


Cheering and booing ensues

Juvenile perhaps, barbaric perhaps

     yet there is something to it

just as Clint Eastwood detractors

          came to recognize the art

Maybe it’ll take an article

       by Norman Mailer

for wrestling to get its due



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was written in 1985 when I was studying psychology at Bucks County Community College.  The reference to Mailer refers to an essay he wrote about the artistic merit of Clint Eastwood's acting career.

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